International Public Relations

Getting noticed by the media is not easy. Searching for the right specialist PR agency takes time, then trusting them to be pro-active, to have the technical knowledge and media intelligence necessary, to learn about your company and its products, to look for opportunities while respecting the existing strategies; sometimes it seems like the hardest part about getting noticed is finding the right PR partner.

Then add the complexity of an international reach. Different geography's, languages, time zones, media, customs, business practices… think global, act local… but how?

NettResults understands that appointing that PR agency to take care of mission critical communications on behalf a company is a difficult choice, and that you need to trust the team put in charge of your account, and to know that the agency is committed to ensure that the job is done with good planning, effective implementation and careful follow through.


Here’s how we do it. We use have experienced and professionally qualified client management teams in the United States. These PR professionals work with you and your existing domestic PR team to build a strategy for your international reach.

Our U.S. teams liaise with our local teams (those are the 2,500 folks in over 100 offices in 55+ countries) to get local understanding and input. The local teams implement the PR service and are project managed by the U.S. team. And it is your domestic NettResults team who reports back to you of the international results.

It’s simple really.