Social Media - word wide

Of course the definition of social media being on the ‘world wide web’ does kind of imply that any social media would be exactly that - world wide. But not so fast... Different targets for your social media strategy means that you’ll need to get regional and local in many ways.

NettResults’ services include:

- Social Media Business Planning
Designed to help quick-start social media projects at the same time that a corporate strategy begins to be defined. In addition to identifying roles and responsibilities, NettResults provide a framework in which to outline strategic and opportunity assessments, risk identification, project recommendations and technology investments.

- Social Media Acceptable Use Policy
The use of external social media (e. g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) within organizations for business purposes is increasing. NettResults build policy to set employee expectations for social media usage and to establish guidelines for appropriate use of applications.

- International Social Media Implementation
Whether it is Skyrock in France, StudiVZin Germany, Tuenti in Spain, Hyves in the Netherlands, Vkontakte in Russia, nasza-klasa.plin Poland, Lidé in the Czech Republic, iWiW in Hungary, Plurk in Taiwan or Ozone in China - NettResults has you covered. We implement international social media campaigns that speak the right languages and hit the right target.

- Search Engine Optimization to Drive Web Traffic
NettResults analyze, build strategies and implement SEO tactics that leverages search engines to drive traffic to your site.

We build NettResults social media services on proven process foundations with years of experience, and then tailor them specifically to your goals and objectives. For more information please give us a call or schedule a meeting where we would be delighted to tell you more.