Satisfy your clients’ needs and increase revenue

Do you have clients who operate internationally?

If you do not have the capacity to provide them with international PR services you are
- Missing out on valuable revenue
- Not offering a full service to your clients
- In danger of losing the account to an agency with international capabilities

NettResults offers international PR, marketing and consulting in 55+ countries with reputable, independently owned PR companies who work as experts in their region. We can work directly with you, or your client – either under your brand or ours. And because we don’t offer implementation services in the U.S., we’ll never compete for your clients.
- No membership costs and no club to join
- Hassle free one point of contact in the U.S.
- Online real-time, roll-up reporting to make you look good
- One point of domestic billing
- Just call us when you need us

NettResults provides free advice for your existing clients looking for international reach and will assist you if you are pitching for a new client that has an international PR component.

Don’t wait until your client asks about an international reach - call us today to learn more about NettResults and how we can help you.