Beyond owners/C level's own ego, having the best spokesperson representing your organization is imperative. Once the chosen representative has mastered your messages and talked publicly, there are some ways to tell whether they have been successful in the delivery.

• How is the media depicting matters vital to your organisation's interests and objectives? If they are noticing the strategic messages and themes you've created to define your brand, campaign or mission, it demonstrates that your spokesperson has been successful at communicating those ideas. If not, than you may want to re-evaluate your messages or your spokesperson's approach to conveying your objectives.

• Is your spokesperson cited in the story? Being quoted in an article sets your spokesperson up as an expert. Even if the article isn't directly related to your company or brand, a good spokesperson will be able to position himself as an authority.

• What is the editorial tone of a given media piece? Knowing whether the media is portraying your organization or spokesperson in a favourable, neutral, or unfavourable light can provide valuable information on which to plan follow-up messages or campaigns.

• How prominently mentioned is your spokesperson? The content and context of your organizations mention are key indicators in accessing a spokesperson's success at conveying your company's ideas. Among some factors to consider: the position, location, length, and exclusivity of your spokesperson's mention, message, or quotation.

It's a tough call to make - but if they are not doing a good job then more training is needed... or maybe a new person found to fill the spokesperson function.