Nothing is more important in PR or marketing than getting the targeting right. Understanding who the right audience is and knowing how to reach them is one of the first things to undertake and will be a key factor on how effective and efficient your campaign will be.

So I read with interest an article that talked of the the targeting potential of LinkedIn last week in Advertising Age.

Highlights from the study:
* 30 million current members
* 8.4 million (24 percent) members are senior executives with a mean salary of $104,100
* 1/3 of members are savvy networkers with an average of 61 connections (the overall average is 38) and personal income of more than $90,000
* 21 percent of members are seeking job opportunities

OK, so we all knew LinkedIn members used the site for business reasons -- vs. the more purely social networks such as Facebook or MySpace – but we didn't know exactly who they were.

Now we do.

Certainly a very aspiring group of people and they are neatly grouped so theoretically easier to target. The problem I have now, is how can PR utilize that nugget of information. Sure some can afford to place a banner advert on LinkedIn – but where is the potential for PR?

I don’t have the answer just yet – but think the question is worth considering…. Please do let me know if you think you have an answer.