Ever felt like your day is being run by urgent issues that need your attention?

Look, it’s the beginning of the year, so maybe it’s time for a business New Year resolution.

Business is inherently complex, but all too often we make running a business (or department) more complex than it needs to be. Too many people involved in too many processes. It only takes one or two moving parts falling out of synchronization to cause systems and processes to become unreliable.

Leaders are committed to improving and growing their businesses, but all too often they find themselves mired in operational details and daily issues, leaving no time to purse bold vision.  The Fearless Front Line (Ray Attiyah) is a call to action for leaders to set a standard of fearlessness where frontline workers have an “I run this place!” mindset that reflects pride and ownership of their critical role. This, in turn liberates leadership to focus on the big-picture, bold strategies to improve and grow the business.

We love this book, and boy you got to read it too!  If you do you’ll learn how to:

  • benefit from a proven program to drive perpetual and transformational improvement and growth.
  • think about improvement and growth by focusing on core processes and supervision.
  • ask the right questions to move your front line workers from their current state to world class.
  • add meaningful value to your business.

Do you have a 2014 strategic business plan?

Look, we all know you should have a plan. We recommend reading The Fearless Front Line, but we also know you many want the short cut. If that is the case, then we recommend the TAB Strategic Business Leadership business plan.  Check it out here.