Or pretty much anything such as an employee problem or any area of your business. The system is simple and can be applied to anything.

Business is continually evolving, so too should your business. You need only concentrate on three elements to work in harmony to make improvements. Improvement requires systems, accountability and motivation

1 - Systems:

This is, what is needed to do the task.

Results – clearly define what the desired result is (e.g. what is the desired end result)

Documents – ensure that what we want done is documents (e.g. Word / Audio file)

Tools – helps employees do the work (e.g. computer, software, phone, coffee)

Ask yourself these questions –

Are there documented systems to deal with this?

Are the systems accurate and up to date?

Have responsibilities clearly been defined?

Do people have the tools they need to succeed?

2 - Accountability:

Making sure that you are accountable to a third party – ideally as a public relations executive, you report to your public relations manager. Your team need to be accountable to you if you want to improve your PR.

Trust – trust allows for open communication (trust must be bi-directional)

Education – team receives suitable education & training to carry out the task

Follow up – when delegated, there is follow-up to ensure it is completed on time and on budget as expected

Ask yourself these questions –

Are results being measured?

Is training being provided to teach correct actions?

How consistent and effective is the follow-up?

Are 1:1 meetings being held?

Does the employee trust their manager?

3 - Motivation:

Comes from within – so it’s he manager’s job to connect the task to the person:

Vision – business vision that is clear and can be communicated

Values – what we believe in – integrity, ethics etc

Cause – greater than money – why in business and why going to work

Ask yourself these questions –

Does the employee want to work at your company?

Have the company values been defined?

Does the employee believe in the company values?

Does the employee have a vision for their career?


Do you know what needs to be corrected? We’ve looked at this a lot, so I can tell you that the following will help you cut through the clutter:

Compliant – Good system and accountably – Poor motivation

Erratic performance – Good accountably and motivation – Poor system

Performance degrades over time – Good system and motivation – Poor accountably