We say we want to have amazingly creative media campaigns, and that we want to be cutting edge.  We say we want to do fun things to attract the right customers and that our culture needs to be expressed in our marketing.

But first, we need to...

We say we intend to hire the best people to the team, put the right agencies on the project, and put a sensible budget behind our convictions.  But of course, in the interim, first we have to get...

This interim strategy, the notion that ideals and principles are for later, but right now, all the focus and resources have to be put into the emergency of getting successful—it doesn't work.

The interim is forever, so perhaps it makes sense to act in the interim as we expect to act in the long haul.

The most successful companies we have worked with have not worked on interim strategies.  They take the bull by the horns, and act now.

What’s the underlining characteristic that we see with individuals that are successful in running marketing campaigns?  Just like the entrepreneurs that started the companies that they work in, they take risks. 

Business is not safe.  We can’t just find one marketing solution and keep repeating. We have to try new things, move at break-neck speeds just to keep up with the changing business environment and sophisticated / rapid customer desires.

Risks don’t have to be risky.  They can be measured and calculated risks, but still risks need to happen if success is desired. 

Our advice for this month – take a self-review of your risk factor.