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Starting a Movement

One of the things as PR pros we can do is for the audience is let them know when it's safe to whoop, holler or applaud.

This is what our clients always want us to do.  It’s kind of like how to start a movement.

Often, we hesitate to spread the word and recommend something because it doesn't feel safe to do so. It's better to say nothing than it is to feel stupid.

Joining in on the standing ovation at the end of a Broadway play isn't some sort of callow sellout. It's actually a tradition that offers solace for the timid or uninitiated.

The trick in PR is to get to the tipping point.

The tipping point is when a lone weirdo has attracted so much of a following that it would just feel stupid NOT to join him.  Am I thinking Steve Jobs?

We like to learn from the shirtless dancer… if you have not seen his video then here’s a 3-minute version that can spice your day up…