We exist as a company today because our underlying belief is that business is global in today's economy.

NettResults offers a calm, organized and responsive service that provides informed, inspired and insightful media relations and marketing solutions for North American companies and PR agencies that are looking for campaigns outside of the domestic market.

NettResults international service offering provides you with a professional gateway for international PR reach. With a combination of dedicated client management across the country, and professional locals from over 100 offices located in 55+ countries to implement solutions, NettResults allows you to think global and act local.


What makes us different?

We could mention a passionate dedication to excellence, but let's just say that you can benefit from the experience of extremely capable people; professionals who can help you plan strategy and who can roll up their sleeves to carry out the work.

Whether your organization / requirements are big or small you are important to us. We use senior council with all clients and we guarantee that you will not be handed down to junior team members.

Our working processes, practices and measurements are based on building trust with you, so over time you can relax and let us do what we do – so you can maximize your efficiency and do what you do.

Campaigns are directed and managed by experienced international PR and marketing professionals, whose counsel prove invaluable to clients and ensures campaigns are measurable and exceed expectations.

With multi-lingual team in key markets, NettResults understands different businesses and cultures across the world. That’s because we use local talent in all our offices and train our teams to international standards.

Our founder and CEO is the #1 best selling author of Exactly Where You Want To Be: A Business Owner's Guide to Passion, Profit and Happiness.