When it comes to teaching about Public Relations I often get students asking me questions that I think are really obvious. And then when I go to clients whom have not previously conducted public relations outreach, the questions and prior assumptions move the straight out strange.

So, with a little help from our friends at About.com, it is time to dispel some of these myths in hopes of helping students, business owners and others - avoid serious PR problems.

  • Myth 1: Any Press is Good Press
  • Myth 2: PR is All about Press Releases and Press Conferences
  • Myth 3: Once You Break Through with Publicity, You're Golden
  • Myth 4: Myth: Publicity is Free and Easy
  • Myth 5: You Need to Hire an Expensive PR Firm
  • Myth 6: Good Products Don't Need Publicity - - Only Bad Products Do
  • Myth 7: Public Relations Can't be Measured and is Therefore Worthless
  • Myth 8: PR Means Schmoozing and Controlling the Press
  • Myth 9: Only Ex-Reporters Can Do It
  • Myth 10: Public Relations is Spin, Slogans and Propaganda

There are many myths and misconceptions about PR that are not only wrong, but it many cases dangerously wrong. What else would you consider to be a PR myth?