When a PR pro crafts a press release the second paragraph traditionally becomes a quote from the spokes person.  As an agency, we are aware that the first time we write a release for a client, time needs to be taken to ensure this quote is on message and in character with a spokes person we may not have met.

So what makes a good quote – apart from the message and the character?

We’ll aim to highlight some good ones on this blog as they happen. Today’s story that The Mouse House gets the Star Wars franchise is ripe for a good quote… or pun. Lets face it – The Force is strong.

Both Walt Disney and Lucasfilm know this.  So it was with PR excellence that Bob Iger is quoted, when asked what Disney was getting for $4.05 billion with,

a universe of more than 17,000 characters inhabiting several thousand planets spanning 20,000 years.

The message to the majority of fans is not the dollar value, the assets, the IP, but the emotional attachment of the characters and the potential of a future movie.