We're all working in an ever increasingly crowded market place.  More and more organizations and individuals have access to marketing tools (social media, self publishing and so much more) so that there is always competition close to our own marketing.

When it comes to carefully drawing up our messaging we need to take note and dare to be different.

This is exactly why you need to be extraordinary... to stand out from the crowd

Charlie Todd has a great TEDtalk, just in case you have not seen it.

Charlie (who comes from an improv background), is a master of being extraordinary and causing extraordinary scenes. As he says, “There is no point and that there doesn’t have to be a point. We don’t need a reason. As long as it’s fun.”



We all need to be a little bit more fun.  For one reason, it would make our day just a little better. For a second reason, would you believe it, pretty much everyone likes 'fun'.  And for a third reason, if you can incorporate fun into your marketing message, you'll stand out more, and thus by definition be more successful.

Fun => Enjoyment => Success

Seems like a simple formula to me.