Writing for PR can be simple if you follow 4 golden PR rules:

1. Brief—make every word matter. Learn to give bloggers and reporters the one quality they find irresistible.

2. No intro needed—get to the point, FAST. learn how to cut words but keep your message intact and unforgettable. Remember - who, what, where, when and how.

3. Lead—you have to market your writing! Learn to write a headline that anchors readers to your teaser and first paragraph every time. That means being creative and having some fun.

4.  Tell the story—if your story isn’t interesting, dramatic, with a real human for a hero, it doesn’t matter how well written it is. Readers crave a story, so you have to give them what they want - a powerful narrative.

Every piece of PR writing is a tool that needs to be carefully crafted.  Follow the 4 golden PR rules, and you're set.